• Getting started with a cloud requires to emerge user vision, skills and knowledge. This means education processes have to be built in appropriate manner according to your featured areas, processes or groups of users. Training Center Service is to help you provide internal education in cloud concepts, cloud computing, engineering in cloud, delivering and using cloud solutions.

• We design professional and user featured courses to give your team start ahead on cloud journey. Basing on our professional production expertise, our cloud experts team provides you with featured learning courses according your projects or processes. Whether you are looking to study for a cloud or simply find out more about preferred solution, we have competences and content to get you excited about. We share our knowledge with you.

Training Center Service

Smooth transition to the cloud
Moving to the cloud can be a complex process, and employees and IT staff need to be trained on how to navigate this transition
Improve security and compliance
Cloud security and compliance requirements are different from on-premises systems. Employees have to understand the security and compliance risks associated with cloud computing and the measures needed to mitigate them
Optimize cloud resource utilization
The cloud technologies offer a wide range of resources that can be used to optimize operations and reduce costs. However, it can be challenging to use these resources effectively without proper training
Grow collaboration and productivity
Need facilitate collaboration and improve productivity with the adopt to shared resources and real-time collaboration tools
Stay competitive
Cloud computing is rapidly becoming the new normal in the business world, and organizations that fail to adopt cloud technology risk falling behind their competitors
Introduction to cloud computing
Cloud security and compliance
Cloud resource utilization
Collaboration and productivity
Cloud migration strategies
Application development and deployment
Cloud monitoring and management
Assessment and planning
Assessing and determining the cloud readiness. The assessment helps identify potential challenges and risks associated with the cloud adoption
Based on the information gathered in the assessment, #a3cloud designs an individual trainings that meets the specific needs of the client
#a3cloud provides an individual trainings based on client's need. All trainings are provided in the workshops format
Trainings for continuously improve their use of cloud technology and take advantage of new tools and services as they become available
Smooth transition to the cloud

Cloud adoption training can help employees and IT staff understand the benefits and challenges of cloud computing, as well as how to use cloud tools and services effectively
Better security and compliance

Ensure that an organization's data and applications are properly secured and compliant with relevant regulations
Improved productivity and collaboration

#a3cloud help to understand how to use cloud technology to improve productivity and collaboration. This can lead to more efficient work processes, faster development cycles, and better communication between team members
Stay competitive

Stay up to date with the latest advancements in cloud technology and remain competitive in their industry
Optimizes cloud resource utilization

#a3cloud Cloud adoption training can help employees and IT staff understand how to optimize cloud resource utilization and reduce costs
Kick-off meeting
Discover project, business goals and expectations.
Project estimate and plan
Present project plan and budget (to be discussed).

OPTIONAL *Pilot project
Pilot design project that will allow to evaluate business result.