Digital Transformation.Service

Digital transformation changes the operation way to boost business performance.
New opportunities and challenges are in mobile devices proliferation, consumer preferences and experience changes, modern communications and new data sources to analyze.

Your business needs innovations to grow and to deliver a superior and seamless digital customers experience. Our DigitalTransformation.Service leverage the best digital and industry practices to create solutions using latest technologies, automations, analytics, and AI.


Settling a Cloud-adoption strategy is a better model to drive your competitive advantages. Profitable cloud adoption means a gauging the implementation costs and ROI and a selection of the best-fit provider. CloudAssessment.Service is a consulting expertise to evaluate Сloud as a seamless part or even a core of your IT-services strategy.

This practical roadmap defines how to manage your cloud portfolio. It focuses on clear goals and prepares your organization for the Cloud journey. We use various cloud assessment tools to appoint which of enterprise applications are fits with cloud, and a way of enhancing user adoption.


Cloud capabilities innovates a business value with promising of lower cost, scalability
and flexibility. Once a cloud strategy has been defined you need to migrate workloads to new environments. Driven by an understanding of the final impact, the migration projects incorporates the re-architecting applications or databases, handling big data sets, implementing end-to-end analytics.

The cloud. MigrationToCloud.Service is a whole cycle service from planning to building solutions architecture, and to migration execution. We create the most efficient migration patterns for private, public and hybrid scenarios.


Business need valuable data insights, but facing fragmented unlinked environments. So long-term Business Intelligence targets on provide end-to-end processes both with custom data and analytics service to help you gain control of your data environment.

BigDataAnalytics.Service is to help get value out of your business data through develop and implement a comprehensive Big Data strategy, optimize every data process and streamline them together. This includes develop data strategy and actions-targeted roadmaps on data processes, along with the engineering to maximize data value for your business. Delivering with industry expertise, our solutions empowers data-driven intelligent workflows through the entire cycle of the Big Data.


In cloud-based world, your business operates as your IT infrastructure does. A proper infrastructure delivers abilities to adapt and to enable new models or processes timely. Enhancing operational efficiency, boosting productivity and accelerating performance,
with lower time-to-market and reduced costs.

ITMaintenance.Service is a suite of proven business-friendly Cloud infrastructure solutions and services of build, run and manage a scalable and reliable IT infrastructure. We design, implement and maintain the infrastructure solutions that unleash remarkable performance. This to provide you the flexibility to focus on your core business instead of having to handle
the day-to-day technologies operations issues.


Cyberthreats are complex and sophisticated for every type of business. Stealthy attacks are targeted towards intellectual property, customer information theft, encryption of critical data for ransom. So, it's very important to use advanced cybersecurity service that will span the entire threats surface, operate at scale, and based on AI and ML.

Security.Service is to help organizations prepare, protect, monitor and detect, respond all challenges of the security lifecycle. Leveraging our competencies together with advanced technologies, we create and manage integrated solutions to maintain the compliances that you need to. We help you build cyber resilience or running an entire security operations center


Getting started with a cloud requires to emerge user vision, skills and knowledge. This means education processes have to be built in appropriate manner according to your featured areas, processes or groups of users. TrainingCenter.Service is to help you provide internal education in cloud concepts, cloud computing, engineering in cloud, delivering and using cloud solutions.

We design professional and user featured courses to give your team start ahead on cloud journey. Basing on our professional production expertise, our cloud experts team provides you with featured learning courses according your projects or processes. Whether you are looking to study for a cloud or simply find out more about preferred solution, we have competences and content to get you excited about. We share our knowledge with you.


Your business offers great products. But you need to handle communication with users who have mess of requests with simple mistakes: unread guidelines, lack of walkthroughs, common software errors or even internet connectivity issues. All of these does not bring a new information for your products but require time of your specialists, that can be spent more efficiently in developing new features. Support.Service is a high available service to handle your customers, ensure they onboard and satisfied with your product.

This provide you autonomy from over 90% of typical questions on "how-to-do-the-action", billing options, bugs or "it doesn't work" calls. Our agents will walk through the troubleshooting in accordance with provided guidelines and knowledge bases. After an issue is resolved, you will receive feedback with an insight how customers are using your software and what can be done to improve.
We integrate with your existing support workflows, KPIs, and customer satisfaction standards across the entire on-demand team. Our team provides 24/7/365 service, to ensure that your customers are getting the most of your product.