Our process

We deliver business and technology transformation within two approaches. First one is Services.Domain where A3Cloud team collaborate with Customers to deliver solutions for certain areas from consulting, and design to engineering and managed services.
From other hand, Development.Domain leverages technologies and software engineering expertise to deliver featured projects of software apps, based on or combined with cloud platforms.

Vision and concepts with predictable final goals

Architecture of required complex
of services

Business processes and work practices optimization

of cloud platform solutions

Software engineering and quality assurance

today's advanced threats

Managing everything with flexible reports

for solutions provided

Specific solutions based on featured requirements.
Typically there are common stages to deliver complex of services:

Pre-packaged services sets which unite the best practices with our industries expertise. These solutions are designed to fast deliver value for our Customers. From consulting, engineering to setting up, managing and maintaining, our services provides value and assurance for highlighted areas.

Your team and A3Cloud will works together on a daily or weekly basis as it would be suitable for project. You can choose to have our resources manage and deliver the entire service but your team have to be engaged as part of the team.