Your business offers great products. But you need to handle communication with users who have mess of requests with simple mistakes: unread guidelines, lack of walkthroughs, common software errors or even internet connectivity issues. All of these does not bring a new information for your products but require time of your specialists, that can be spent more efficiently in developing new features. Support.Service is a high available service to handle your customers, ensure they onboard and satisfied with your product.

This provide you autonomy from over 90% of typical questions on "how-to-do-the-action", billing options, bugs or "it doesn't work" calls. Our agents will walk through the troubleshooting in accordance with provided guidelines and knowledge bases. After an issue is resolved, you will receive feedback with an insight how customers are using your software and what can be done to improve.
We integrate with your existing support workflows, KPIs, and customer satisfaction standards across the entire on-demand team. Our team provides 24/7/365 service, to ensure that your customers are getting the most of your product.

Support Service